Jieli Li, M.D.
1705 South Victoria Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90019
email:, phone 323 733 1201
July 2006


Recently completed internal medicine residency, a highly consciencious and well-trained general internist with strong research background adept in both inpatient and outpatient settings.



B.A., University of California at Berekley, 1993-1997. Major: Molecular and Cell Biology.
M.D., Rosalind Franklin University (formerly Finch University of Health Sciences), Chicago Medical School, 1999-2003.                                                                                                                                 

Internal medicine residency:  UCLA-VA greater Los Angles internal medicine training program.  2003-2006.



Dean¡¯s List, U.C. Berkeley School of Letters and Sciences, fall 1996

Departmental honors in general scholarship, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, U.C. Berkeley, 1997

Board of Trustee¡¯s Scholarship Award, Chicago Medical School, 2003 (for highest GPA achieved in basic science subjects)

Ranked #1 academically in the 2003 graduating class (184 students) of Chicago Medical School



Senior Laboratory Assistant (June 1994 ¨C January 1997)                                                          

Part-time at Professor Sydney Kustu¡¯s Lab in U.C. Berkeley Plant and Microbial Biology Department.  Preparing stock solutions/culture media, sterilizing glassware, supervising junior lab assistants.

Staff Research Associate (June 1997 ¨C July 1999)                                                                    

Full-time research position at Kustu Lab.  Further research on the bacterial enhancer protein NtrC which was the subject of my honors thesis.  Regularly performing PCR, site-directed mutagenesis and protein purification by column chromatography.



Honors research project in microbiology (1996-1997)                                                               

Eight units of honors research was undertaken during my junior and senior year at U.C. Berkeley, my work in collaboration with I. Rombel Ph.D. resulted in an honors thesis entitled ¡°A New Phenotypic Screen for NtrC Repressor Mutatns in Salmonella typhimurium¡±, which was presented at the Undergraduate Genetics Symposium.

Post-baccalaureate basic science research (1997-1999)                                                          

Further work at Kustu Lab in U.C. Berkeley in randomized mutagenesis and functional studies of the resultant mutant library led to the publication of an 11 page research paper in Journal of Bacteriology in 1999 (see ¡°publications and presentations¡±), it can be found on both J. Bac¡¯s website and medline, and has so far been sited by 8 other research papers.

Microbiology Research in medical school (2003)                                                                    

During my last year of medical school, I took a 6-week research course in which I worked for Professor Olaf Schneewind, chairman of Microbiology department of University of Chicago.  The research was focused on generating and screening for mutants in virulent strains of Staph aureus, I collaborated with T. Bae, Ph.D. in this project.    



¡°A New Phenotypic Screen for NtrC Repressor Mutants in Salmonella typhimurium¡±.  Honor¡¯s thesis.  Presented at Undergraduate Genetics Research Symposum, U.C. Berkeley, 1997.

Li, J., Passaglia, L., Rombel, I., Yan, D. & Kustu, S. Mutations Affecting Motifs of Unknown Function in the Central Domain of Nitrogen Regulatory Protein C.  J. Bacteriol. 1999 (181): 5443-5454. 

Note: full text of this research paper can be found on line at Journal of Bacteriology¡¯s website, direct link:



Licensed by Medical Board of California, A92012, July 2005                                                

American Medical Student Association, 2000-2003                                                              

Member, American Medical Association



Volunteer (02/1997 ¨C 07/1998) ¨C part-time volunteer work at Children¡¯s Hospital Oakland¡¯s Emergency Department and Diagnostic Imaging Department.  



Fluent in Mandarin Chinese (native tongue).  Familiar with both traditional and simplified forms of written Chinese.  Formally trained in Chinese composition.



Born May 7, 1975 in Northeast China, immigrated to U.S. in 1991, naturalized citizen in 2000.  Parents live in San Francisco Bay Area. 



Music critique, internet webpage building, films, writing, table tennis