消瘦的我 雨中穿梭



没有爱的我 并非是我的错


把爱留给我 别让我独自守夜空



Don't Let Tomorrow's Sun Leave Me

Lyrics, Music: Dave Wang 


What else is there for me to say to you

Now I can only gaze at you in the rain

Ask me why I look at you with those blood-shot eyes

  Raindrops softly whisper "give up this chase" 


Toss 'n Turn at night I need your love

But you are nowhere to be found

I can no longer bear this pain

Wasting away, I shuttle in the rain

Looking for your trace


I'm deprived of love

It's through no fault of mine

Only because you don't love me

Spare some love for me

Don't let the night sky be my only company

Don't let tomorrow's sun leave me   




寒夜里的风吹散我的梦 缠绵的往事己成空

所有的承诺如今无影踪 谁能平息内心的伤痛

让我俩的情消逝在夜里 只留下苍白的回忆

你有你 而我有我的原因 

谁也不用再提起 什么都不用说

早已决定 不再接受你那美丽的借口 


喔 别再说什么

早已决定 不再接受你那虚情的温柔

当初是你说要分手 喔别再说想我



Don't Say You Miss Me

Lyrics: Hong Guang Da; Music: Dave Wang 


The icy winds at night blow away my dreams

Past romance is long gone

All the promises are now empty

Who can relieve the heartaches


Let our love disappear into the night

Only pale memories remain

I have my reasons and you have yours

No need to mention again

No need to explain


Decided long ago I won't accept

Your pretty excuses

You were the one who wanted to break up

Oh, there is nothing left to say

Decided long ago I won't accept

Your false pretense

You were the one who wanted to break up

Oh, don't say you miss me



最后还是一场别离 也许是我们的最后选择
别再问我心中是不是会有痛 雨中亲吻着你不再说话
泪水也只能留在心头 用什么证明我的执着
生命中承受着你的爱那么多 再回头却不能真正拥有
不要从我的眼中离开我的爱 这一生只剩期待你陪我到尽头
别再从我的眼中离开我的爱 多么不愿知道你的无奈
转过身走向孤独的未来我的爱 这一生只剩期待陪着我到尽头


Don't Disappear from My Eyes

Lyrics: Liao Ying Ru; Music: Dave Wang


Once again it's separation in the end

Perhaps it's our only choice left

No more asking if my heart would hurt

No more talking as I kiss you in the rain


Tears can only be kept in my heart

How can I prove my perseverance 

My life was blessed with so much of your love

But looking back I could never really have you


Don't disappear from my eyes, my love

In this life I only hope you'd stay with me till the end

Never disappear from my eyes again, my love

How much I hate to know your reluctance

Turn back and walk towards a lonely future, my love

In this life I only hope you'd stay with me till the end