不是我用冷漠掩饰心痛 只是在流浪以后我已沉默
何必再停留 所谓的爱情就当不曾有过 爱过恨过还是一场空
是谁再次撕裂心里的伤口 重新让寂寞占满我的心头
不要再多说 这一些美丽而苍白的借口
风中的我早已不再拥有 年轻的梦想 照亮我生命最黑暗的角落
甜蜜的爱情 却只是一场沉默无语的暴风
熊熊的火燃烧着你和我 点亮了你的心烧痛了我的梦


Silent Storm

  Lyrics: Liu Yu Rui; Music: Zhou Zhi Ping


I'm not disguising heartache with indifference

I've only grown silent since the roving began

Why stay any longer, I tell myself I never had so called "love"

When all the love and hate are over nothing remains


Who is reopening old wounds on my heart

Letting loneliness invade my soul once more

No need to say these pale and pretty excuses

Standing in the wind I no longer have youthful dreams 

To light up the darkest corner of my life

Sweet love, is nothing but a silent storm without a word

Raging fire is burning you and me 

         Igniting your heart, scorching my dreams