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Dave is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

For someone who debuted in 1987 and left the business for 5 years in the mid-1990's, Dave’s musical output is quite amazing.  Thus far he’s made 22 studio albums in mandarin, 11 studio albums in Cantonese.  And that is discounting the 19(!) personal hits collections.

Dave stands at 173 cm (5’8”) and currently weighs around 70kg (154 lbs), but in the depth of anorexia used to weigh less than 40kg (88lbs).

Dave can play guitar and piano rather well.

Dave has asthma.  It is said that during one concert he was singing so hard that it almost triggered an asthmatic attack on stage (medical advice for Dave:  asthmatics should quit smoking).

Dave’s biological father was a known Taiwanese actor.  Dave himself became a child actor at age 3 and as an adult has starred in dozens of movies and a few TV series, in addition to the hundreds of movies he had been in when working as a stunt double.


Before those death-defying stunts became a job, they used to be a hobby.  Dave has always been an extreme sports enthusiast.  He began riding motorcycles at age 12.

Dave broke his leg during a motorcycle stunt staged for his first MTV video involving charging through a burning alley. 

Before successfully landing his first record deal in 1987, Dave wrote songs for other singers under pen-names such as "Little Grass" and "Northern Wind".

Among other odd jobs he has done before breaking into the music business were Tae Kwon Do instructor, ice-skating coach, taxi-driver, package delivery-man, waiter, bar-tender and cook.  He also spent 3 years in the Taiwanese military (he actually volunteered even though he had HK passport, sigh).

Hobbies besides music and motorcycles include Chinese traditional style painting (I know, the guy is multi-talented or what), gardening and scuba diving.  

Dave famously predicted that his debut album was going to exceed the sales of 300,000, a figure rarely achieved in Taiwan recording business up to that point.  No one in his record company believed him.  To date "A Game, A Dream" has sold well over 500,000.

In 1996, South Korean newspapers dubbed Dave "the singing god" despite the fact that he had never held a concert in that country.

Dave's favorite Western bands were quoted as being the Beatles and U2 (Sorry Dave, no disrespect, but really can't agree with you on the latter).

Dave is a devout Buddist, and in recent years has been contemplating becoming a monk (please Budda, don't let this happen).

Dave recently received an award for five million albums sold worldwide by his company in Hong Kong (EEG).  However, a few years ago a mainland source had put his overall official worldwide sales figure at the thirty million mark (not including pirated copies).

Although Dave used to own 7 houses in Taiwan and 3 in Hong Kong, he sold all of them and moved to Canada in the mid 90's after the stock market crash drove him into bankruptcy.  When he returned to Hong Kong after his second divorce, he had only a few hundred dollars in his pocket.  Currently he rents an apartment in HK.     

Dave revealed in interviews that his trademark stony facial expression was not him trying to "act cool", but in fact due to facial nerve damage when he was young.   

Dave has a daughter and a son from separate marriages neither of whom he gets to see often these days.  His daughter has recently graduated from college with a degree in designs.  His son is around 8 years old, lives in Canada with his mom and doesn't speak Chinese.   

Despite the failure of 2 marriages, Dave remains a hopeless romantic.  On numerous occasions he has revealed that his one true love still is Fang Wen-lin, the beautiful singer/actress with whom he shared a stormy and highly publicized relationship in the early nineties.  Fang, now happily married with several children, will not as much as mention Dave's name again.  Dave on the other hand, has declared that he expects to be single for the rest of his life.  







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