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We grow great by dreams, grow strong by pains.

- "I'd Rather Forget Myself than Forgetting You" (1995) album sleeve

What men should aspire to are: self-confidence, self-reliance and self-respect.  What men should avoid are:  selfishness, self-importance, and self-inferiority.

personal motto
If I must die I'd rather die in my own hands.

- commenting on the struggle for creative control with his record company.


To be honest, after the failure of my last two marriages, the word "love" is bringing me fear and confusion. I fear for another failed relationship, and I'm confused whether people who claim to love me are doing it out of true love or because I¨m ^Dave Wang ̄.

- talking candidly about the state of his emotional life in a 2003 interview



Many old friends of mine knew this, when I was really mad I would actually stare at the person and break into laughter, then turn and walk away.  I did't care if you are president of the United States or some other big cheese somewhere else, I didn't care about your status, that was the type of guy I was.

- Recalling his personality as a young man

Let me tell you, the more you dare me, the longer I "the old guy"  would stay on stage.

- rebuttal against those who are hoping for him to fail  



If you haven't been to my concert, then you haven't  been to a real concert before.

- highly controversial and widely misquoted comeback remark to a Beijing reporter who told him "If you haven't held a concert in Beijing, then you haven't held a real concert before."




R&B is for childplay, I can write 20 R&B songs in one night if needed.

- trademark arrogance again 


Maybe what I'll say next would prompt people to say "you are a bit arrogant", yes, I am a little arrogant.  But I can tell you even the sound of an ant walking is music to me.  I can only describe it like this, and when real music lovers hear what I say, they will nod and agree with me.   

- Describing the ever-present music in his life at 2003 Toronto radio interview





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