词:李子恒;曲:Ricky Ho


天很高我的寂寞难逃 只有白云知道

胸在烧爱的火苗多难拥抱 只有北风知道

总是如此寂寞地飞 又拼命地寻找


多想要你来陪我奔跑 穿过寂寞隧道

我不要我的自由天空 没有你想飞的航道



但是寂寞难逃 天天飞在风里燃烧

如果你也有热泪 请对我冷冷浇





Lonely Pigeon

Lyrics: Li Zi Heng; Music: Ricky Ho


The sky is very high, hard to escape my loneliness, only the white cloud knows

My chest is burning, how hard it is to embrace the flame of love, only the northern

 wind knows

Always flying with such solitude and searching like mad

Irrepressible feather still has not found an answer

How much do I wish you can come and run along with me, through the lonely


I don't want my sky of freedom, it does not have the route you want to follow

Always flying with such solitude over the lonesome tides

Never regret becoming a rebellious cage bird

But can't escape loneliness, flying and burning in the wind everyday

If you too have warm tears, please coldly pour them on me

Can't escape my loneliness

Even though freedom rises higher and lasts longer than the sky

Without you I don't feel happiness  



词:陈大力;曲:Ricky Ho


风 太大了 难道只是为了 吹干眼泪

雨 太急了 仿佛真是为了 洗去哀伤

山 太高了 难道只因早已 无处可躲

河 太宽了 仿佛注定永远 无法渡过

家 太远了 难道只是因为时间 因为距离

梦 太长了 仿佛真是为了绝望 为了逃避

死 太多了 难道只是为了仇恨 为了生存

爱 太短了 仿佛只是为了分别 为了回忆

鲜血浸透了土地 也开不出花 

永远短暂如彩虹 抓也抓不住

我们没有家 我们没有家 



太远了 我们的家


A Home Too far

Lyrics: Chen Da Li; Music: Ricky Ho


Wind, is too strong, is it really there just to dry our tears?

Rain, is too hard, as if really to wash away our sadness

Mountain, is too high, is it only because there is already no where to hide?

River, is too wide, seems fate has decided that we can never cross

Home, is too far, is it only because of time and distance?

Dream, is too long, seems really to escape hopelessness

Death's been too much, is it only because of hatred and survival?

Love's been too short, seems only for memories and separation 

Fresh blood soaks through the earth, it won't make the flowers bloom

Eternity is brief like the rainbow, can't catch it even if you try 

We don't have a home, we don't have a home

Orphan is our names 

Going home is what we dream about

Too far, are our homes


词: 王杰; 曲: 段雯绮


我们的岁月在不同的时空 偏偏爱上你爱得太深太过火

想要对你说如果你爱得伤痛 想要走不勉强把你留

虽然我们聚少离别多 情感有如流水般蹉跎

但是我和你像是风像是云 我轻轻吹你柔柔的动

只要那苍天别再把人来作弄 我们的誓言才能永久

只要那苍天别再把人来作弄 我的人就能出现在你眼中


More Apart than United

Lyrics: Dave Wang; Music: Duan Wen Qi


Our worlds are in different time and space, yet fall for you too deep and too much

Want to tell you if this love hurts you, I won't force you to stay if you want to go

Although we are more apart than united, feelings are wasted like the running stream

But me and you are like wind and cloud, I softly blow you gently move

As long as fate doesn't play tricks again, our vows can last forever

As long as fate doesn't play tricks again, one day I can appear in your eyes