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Wake up now, this is the time you've waited for.

While I can not give you the definitive solution to the "Lurker" riddle (Sorry! You will have to talk to Tony Banks for that), I can however tell you a bit about myself and introduce you to this site.

Despite what the title of my site might suggest, I am not a shrink. However, I am an internal medicine resident physician and in the past I did find psychiatry to be fascinating. Currently my involvement in the field is limited to amateur interest only. I am 28 years old, was born in mainland China and spent the last 12 years of my life in the United States. I have no siblings and few friends (which I would like to think is because of my high standards  ). However I am very close with the few friends I do have and as you can see I am not big on privacy so I share all my secrets with them. Come to think of it I have never been good at keeping secrets anyway but I digress.

The purpose of this personal page is to provide whoever is interested some insight into my interests and obsessions. Yeah you heard me right. I tend to be obsessed about things, it is part of my personality. As far back as I can remember I have always been somewhat extreme and very opinionated about things. Even when I was watching a ball game, I could never maintain a neutral stand. I had to root for one of the teams and got really upset when my team lost. This tendency to get fixated on things may be part of the explanation for my numerous obsessions detailed in these pages for your amusement.

Much of this site is dedicated to my favorite band Genesis, as a matter of fact Genesis lyrics are liberally quoted in all of the pages, including the ones that are not Genesis-related. If you are not a fan of Genesis you would not recognize the references. I'm sorry I can not explain them to you so ignore them, think of them as Insider's Jokes, or better yet, go out and buy a Genesis album and start your own collection! Just kidding, I never push my interests on other people. There is the Top 5 page where you can find out more about my opinions (I never run out of those you know). The movie page and the sports page are not that extensive so they are perfect for those who hate reading long passages. There are also personal / family photos for those who are curious, my scanner is broken otherwise I would put more recent pictures in that section.  Lastly I'd like to mention due to this webmaster's recent re-discovery of Chinese pop culture, this website is fast becoming bilingual (for instance the "Heart of a Wanderer" section about Dave Wang has grown to a size that is almost comparable to some Genesis-related sections).  Most bilingual pages would have the links "English/Chinese" underneath the main page title, simply click on them and you will be able to choose the language you prefer to view the page with.    

Recently I added quite a few MIDIs to this site.  So to those of you who are not hearing any background music right now, try unchecking the mute box once in a while!  (although this is not recommended if you are surfing the net and goofing off at work, I won't take responsibility for any of you getting fired).  The majority of MIDIs came from the amazingly exhaustive Genesis MIDI collection known as "Music1 - An Island in the Darkness".  Unfortunately Dave Wang MIDIs are much rarer, as a result some pages in his section are still without accompanying music.  As far as selection, I tried to match the melody and meaning of each song to the page content as best I could (obviously this can sometimes be a bit challenging).  For better or worse, here they are and I suppose it could be fun to play "Name that Tune".  For a complete listing of all MIDIs appearing in this site, see my Q & A page.
If you are a Genesis fan who are offended by or strongly disagree with my comments on one or all of the band members, I would like to remind you that my opinions are just that. My main goal here is to write about my personal feelings towards them instead of concentrating on statistics or limiting myself to only facts as what many other fans have done. If the latter is what you prefer you can be directed to "The Genesis Movement", an excellent fan site run by Simon Funnel.  Alternatively you are also free to write something in my Guestbook and try to start an argument. I'm always game.

Last thing, I apologize for the lack of sophistication in the graphics and layout, I'm just a medical resident and not a professional web designer so cut me some slack will ya?

OK, enough of my rambling, let the dance begin...


Last edit: March 2004



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