Paperlate Chronicles

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What does "Paperlate" mean?

A.  a word shouted out by evening newspaper salesmen in London to announce that the late edition of a newspaper is available.
B.  a term appearing in both a Peter Gabriel and a Phil Collins era Genesis song.
C.  the biggest Internet discussion / e-mailing group for Genesis fans.
D.  all of the above.

If you correctly identified "D" as the answer, you have come to the right place :)  Seriously, this is the part of my site where I keep a running log on my past and future contributions to Paperlate the e-mailing group.  Obviously much of this section would be of interest if you happen to share my passion for the British veteran rock outfit known as Genesis, however the rest of you may be surprised by the amount of commentary on off-topic subjects here and there.  In other  words, these messages more or less document the voyage of discovery of a relatively new Genesis fan, and  hopefully also serve to provide a glimpse into my personality and world view.  So kick back and enjoy...


Subject Title of Message

Date of Original Post
Introduction 05/23/2001
Archive #2 / The Lamb 05/25/2001
Misheard Lyrics / Pearl Harbor 05/28/2001
Vocals / A Genesis-related Dream 06/01/2001 & 06/04/2001
Flamer's Alert (My Reaction to Foxtrot) 07/04/2001
Brass Eye and PC's Personality 07/24/2001
Backing Up My Theory 07/26/2001
Is Country Music Really That Bad? 08/12/2001
From Genesis to Revelation 08/29/2001
All About Lyrics 09/02/2001
Match of the Day / Match of Nations 09/08/2001
Three Kingdoms 09/09/2001
Crime Against Humanity 09/15/2001
Grand Parade 09/17/2001
Overlooked Instrumental Moments / Songbook 09/18/2001 & 09/25/2001
Phil's Hearing Loss 10/09/2001
Non Genesis Topics / Calling All Stations 10/29/2001
PG vs. PC Revisited / Oriental Influences 11/01/2001 & 11/05/2001
Eulogy for Jeff / Favorite Genesis Quotes 11/12/2001 & 11/27/2001
Official Site Interview 11/29/2001
Play Me My Song, Here it Comes Again... 01/04/2002
Top Ten Most Cryptic Genesis Lyrics 02/10/2002
Top Ten Most Crypic Genesis Lyrics (cont.) 02/10/2002
More on Cryptic Genesis Lyrics 02/10/2002
Talking Shop vs. Paperlate 03/14/2002
Random Observations Re: 3SL Video 03/18/2002
Nocturnals 03/28/2002
Marillion (Fish vs. Hogarth) 04/03/2002
Evil Knievel You Got Nothing on Me 04/17/2002
Incident Enroute to a Daryl Stuermer Concert 04/28/2002
Twelve Advice for Newbies 05/17/2002
Aftermath of Twelve Advice for Newbies 05/18/2002
Re: The Lamb...Good for Eating 06/29/2002
A Feast for Senses (G Boots Review) 07/01/2002
A Feast for Senses (cont.) 07/01/2002
Yin vs. Yang 11/15/2002




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