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First, I would like to thank all those who kindly responded to my recent posts, including a self-professed lover of spicy Chinese food, an English lady of "Ripples" Karaoke fame, someone who admitted to smoking like a chimney at the Grand Parade gig and another who suggested where I should go for a smoke-free Genesis tribute show.  Oh, and someone else who has hounded me for financial compensation in return for his praise.  Did I forget anyone?  I trust you know who you are. :)  Thank you all for your encouragement, even if sometimes it doesn't come for free! :)    

Now let's get back to the music of Genesis.  I notice that some of my favorite instrumental bits by Genesis seem to be underappreciated on the list, judging by the fact that rarely do people even mention them, much less extolling them.  So I have decided to make a short list below just to see what you guys think:

All in a Mouse's Night - after the last line of lyric to the end.  The music itself seems to sum up one moral that might be learned from the fable:  the good always triumphs over evil.

Can Utility and the Coastliners - the instrumental interlude starting near the middle of the song is extremely powerful and soul-stirring.

Do the Neurotic - from about 5:35 till the end.  For whatever reason this melody always conjures up the mental image of horse-riding on a beach with a glorious sun-set in the background.

Many too Many - the bit after the last line of lyric.  This is very brief and yet it manages to convey a deep sadness.  I wish it did not fade out so fast.

Dancing with the Moonlit Knight - The out-tro.  I always think of it as space music, maybe because it sounds a little out of this world in the same way as the beginning of Los Endos.

There are definitely other such moments that I consider underrated, but these are the ones that come to mind immediately.  Of course I am in no way trying to detract from the grandeur of more universally-acclaimed gems such as Firth of Fifth, Riding the Scree, Duke's Travels, etc.  However, it seems to be true in my case that the more that I listen to the music of Genesis, the more I find myself paying attention to all the tiny details hence the more I discover beauty in little noticed pieces.



Jim and David, I am highly impressed by your very speedy replies to my inquiry regarding the Songbook.  I didn't know you check the list so often!!  I am very happy to report that I was finally able to pin down a VHS copy yesterday from the Tower Records on South Wabash Street (in Gold Coast).  In fact it was their last copy, hew!  For anyone else in Chicagoland who might still be looking for the VHS version, don't bother with the Tower Records on N. Clark Street either.  I called them and they had run out too.  Where did all these invisible Genesis fans come from, eh?? :)

Since Kevin Holmes and Tom Roche have written excellent reviews of the VHS and DVD versions respectively, I won't waste everyone's space by posting another comprehensive review.  But I would mention that I agree with Kevin in wishing the 2000 performances were shown in entirety.  Can't say I hadn't been warned though.  Actually my roommate does have a DVD player on her computer, but I opted against the DVD version anyway because I knew I would have to watch multiple times and that would be too big a favor to ask.  After all, I am already eternally indebted to her for coming with me to the Grand Parade gig, aren't I??  :)                

Don't get me wrong, there are lots on the video that I like.  For instance, the part where Tony clarifies what the lyrics to Afterglow mean, or where Phil says TIOA is hard to dance to due to its weird rhythm.  These are all fascinating stuff that I didn't know before.  I imagine those of you fortunate enough to get the DVD must be delighted with loads more revelations like these.  As for me, I am thankful for what I've got.  I am working on memorizing every line, you see.

Again thanks a bunch to David and Jim for your help.  Who says Paperlaters can't be friendly to each other?

Let's prove the naysayers wrong,


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