Eulogy For Jeff / Favorite Genesis Quotes



Do you know what you have done? 
Do you know what you've begun?

You could have kept your negative feelings towards Kind of Blue by the great master Miles Davis to yourself, you could have given the album to your daughter who would probably love the album if only to spite you, you could have vented on some jazz-hating forum
.  But instead you chose to unleash all this sacrilege on Paperlate!  You might as well change the title of your post to "Flamers' alert:  My reaction to Kind of Blue"!  Have you contracted Mad Cow's Disease by accident recently?

However, what
's done is done.  No one can save you now.  In anticipation for the furious responses that are surely coming your way from the myriad of jazz lovers on this list and the imminent public lynching, I have hastily prepared the following eulogy (what are friends for?):

Jeff Tegart
- I hope we all agree he was a good man, or had been until he strayed from the path towards the end of his life.  He was a loving, albeit often-frustrated father.  He was an outspoken supporter of liberal causes and a fervent fan of Genesis tribute bands.  He was an entertainer extraordinaire and prolific contributor to the Internet Genesis discussion forum Paperlate, through which I as well as many others got to know him as the rarely serious list clown.  What a shame it was for him to go the way he did, being the victim of the first public execution on Paperlate as it were.  How unfortunate it was for him to temporarily lose his mind and send that message sputing venom about the immortal American jazz masters, insulting the great god Guy among others.  However, by comparing Kind of Blue unfavorably to Chimps playing and thrashing about in the studio, he had done far more harm than the likes of Joe Campbell and sororityman could ever hope to achieve.  I could not think of any defense for what he did, it was utterly inexcusable. 

Poor Jeff (sob, sob), at least we know he did enjoy
"Open Door" which was played during the funeral.  My only hope is that in his afterlife he will be more enlightened than he had been in the living years. 

So long Jeff, it was nice knowing you.            


Seeing as the list has been a bit quiet lately, how is this for a thread idea.  I thought it'd be interesting to see what everyone's favorite quotes are from our beloved lads, whether they be funny, revealing, profound, or shocking.  To start off, I guess I better offer a few of my own faves:

"Who needs a stronger engine? I don't want to drive faster. An average punter as I am will only use 10% of the whole capacity of the car."

Tony Banks on his driving habits, Music Express Sound, December 1991

"Even the hidden delights of vegetable growing and community living are beginning to reveal their secrets. I could not expect the band to tie in their schedules with my bondage to cabbages."

Peter Gabriel, press release about his leaving Genesis, July 1975

"You see I don't read many books. Most of them have got pictures in them that I read."

Phil Collins, trying to explain why his solo lyrics sounded simpler than Genesis lyrics, Rockline radio broadcast, December 1982

Disclaimer:  No disrespect for Mike, Steve, Ant, Ray or anyone else, but I don
't know enough quotes from them to pick a favorite.  But I'm sure some of you will come up with great ones and I certainly hope you would share them with us.

'm all ears,



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