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Warning:  The following message contains numerous spoilers, so don't read this unless you have already read the official site interview with Genesis.

Fellow Paperlaters:

I agree with those of you who have already commented on this subject that the official site interview is nothing short of a great accomplishment.  Although some fans over at the Genesis Talking Shop are griping about the length of the interview or the selection of questions, etc., there is no denying that this is the most relevant and productive interview from the perspective of G fans in recent memory.  And I must contest the view held by some fans over at official site that this interview
has revealed nothing new.  Personally there were a number of surprises for me, some were good news, others were not, but nonetheless the genesis official webmaster must be given credit for bringing us the latest and the most official information.

By far the biggest surprise for me came when Phil said that he would not tour for his upcoming solo album.  I would be lying if I say that I was not disappointed about this since I had been waiting for the opportunity to go to one of his concerts for quite some time.  I guess I had started the mental countdown far too early.  My heart sank the same way it did every time I was taken in by one of those Genesis reunion rumors only to discover they were not true.  Like most fans, I did not think it was realistic to expect the band to confirm their plan to tour/record together during this interview.  However, I honestly never saw this coming.  A point can be made that I should be quite used to having my hopes dashed by now, nonetheless the fact that Phil cited his hearing problem as an important reason for not touring raises a even more serious question:  will he ever do a formal tour with or without Genesis again?  (Don
't answer, I need time to recuperate).

A more pleasant surprise came when Phil the Newsdropper mentioned the Headley Grange tapes and then teased us about the possibility of releasing archive stuff like these.  In fact the band as a whole sounded far more receptive to the idea than I had expected.  Sure Tony made some argument for perfectionism, but he did not sound nearly as adamant as the Tony we knew.  The only regret is that the webmaster did not pursue the subject of the HG tapes any further, leaving me to wonder about the content of these mysterious treasures.  Then again this may be common knowledge which is somehow unknown to me, can anyone on the list tell me about their origin?  25 tapes of 90 min each??  I am drooling already.  Stop torturing us, Phil! :)

Phil managed to catch me by surprise once again when he claimed the Lamb was his favorite album.  So much for the widely accepted opinion that Phil didn
't care much for the early period.  Or could it be that Phil was contradicting his own statements in other interviews, in which case it would be no surprise since Phil is notorious for making shocking statements and then taking them back later (remember when he stated that songs like Burning Rope was the reason I left Genesis?").  Either way it is ironic that Phil is the only one out of the Magnificent Three whose favorite album comes from the Gabriel period.  However notice he did not mention a word about Pete's lyrics for the Lamb, I wonder why?

Very much agree with Jeff for the observation that Tony and Phil seemed to be best buddies, which is actually surprising to me.  I always thought that Phil and Mike got along better whereas Tony always seemed a little detached.  Maybe I was unconsciously led astray by the amusing photo in the Invisible Touch CD booklet, in which we see Phil look up admiringly at Mike while Tony is off to the side at some distance from the other two looking stern as usual.  In this interview though we often find Phil and Tony turning it into a conversation between the two of them, for example when they were talking about Tony
's classical project.  At times poor Mike could hardly find a chance to squeeze in even one short line.

It is this last point, specifically the great friendship and chemistry Tony, Mike and Phil apparently have with each other, that gives me confidence that they will make music together again.  Whether they would want to share this music with us is an unknown, but it is entirely their choice.  As far as I am concerned the band owes us nothing.  They have more than earned their right to enjoy the rest of their lives with their families and do whatever they please.  It is my experience that once you take this
Zen approach, you will find yourself much less demanding and less bitter than before (even if your hopes are repeatedly dashed).  So how about it Genesis fans, let's try to be selfless rather than selfish for a change.  Do you think this is the hidden meaning behind "Silver Rainbow"??

if you're walking home beside her
and you know what time it is
and if you avoid the puddles in your way
you haven't been there either
to the land that lies
beyond the silver rainbow

but if you're walking home beside her
and the sun should turn to blue
and you keep on going cos you're unaware
then you know that you are there

Beyond the silver rainbow
you won't know if you're coming or going



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