Top Ten Most Cryptic Genesis Lyrics (cont.)



8. From "Heathaze"
> Beware the fisherman who's casting out his line
> Into a dried up river bed,
> But don't try to tell him 'cos he won't believe you.
> Throw some bread to the ducks instead, it's easier that way.

Again I'm at a total loss as to what Tony's point is here.  However, it did remind me of an ancient Chinese story where an old man was seen fishing without a bait.  When asked how he expects to catch any fish, he replied confidently "those who are willing will bite on their own?  Wonder if Mr. Banks has ever heard of this story before.       

9. From "Abacab"
> When they do it you're never there,
> When they show it you stop and stare,
> Abacab isn't anywhere,
> Abacab doesn't really care.

I feel that this song may be another one of those anti-media, anti-tabloid anthems, although the boys were being deliberately vague. 

10. From "Dodo"
> Big noise, black smoke
> So pigheaded couldn't see the joke.
> But it ain't funny
> Ask the fly on the wall
> It's only living
> It don't matter at all, at all

I must be a pighead then since I can't see the joke either.  Tony's lyrics are just way too smart for me.

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So, let's see if I can summarize what I have learned thus far from this thread:

1. Father Tiresius is a known figure in Greek mythology, some kind of early experimenter with bisexuality if you will.
2. Cuddling the "porcupine" is a reference to masturbation.
3. "Hairy heart" is one that gravitates towards rape/violent sex.
4. "Staffordshire plate" could be a slang encoding oral sex.

Does anyone else see a trend here?  Apparently most of the highly cryptic early G lyrics had a common theme.  As our friend Jon Engle would say, "just goes to show you how awesome and in-depth their song writing was back in the day."  Could this contribute to the fact that early G audiences were so overwhelmingly male?  I think I can see a new thread emerging: "Genesis songs with the most naughty lyrics".  In fact, I could easily come up with a list myself.  How about:

1. Counting out Time
2. Musical Box
3. Lamia
4. The Battle of Epping Forest
5. The Cinema Show
6. The Colony of Slippermen
7. Back in the N.Y.C.
8. Mama

I guess it should come as no surprise when you consider that the vast majority of the entertaining lyrics came from the mastermind behind the "Zipper-woman" story and such latter-day classics as "Sledgehammer" and "Kiss the Frog"   Boy, the lucky fellow who gets to be his psychoanalyst must have made a fortune. 

It is interesting to note that after Phil took over the singing duties he has initially attempted to appease the audience by making up his own XXX intro stories such as "Cindy Lu" or "Albert". Unfortunately his efforts, while admirable, were no where near as creative (or as perverse) as those from the Dark Prince.  As a result Phil had to give up soon afterwards and stick to writing boring and uninventive lyrics.  I trust I speak for all Paperlaters when I say what a shame!




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