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Jeff Hillstead retorts:

> Why is "sexual" automatically linked with "naughty"?


There must be some misunderstanding, there must be some kind of mistake?
I think the following needs to be clarified regarding my last post:

1. Let there be no doubt that I am highly appreciative of all the scholarly explanations you and others have provided for the original questions I had posed.  They cleared up many ludicrous misconceptions I had conjured up in my head about some well known Genesis lyrics.

2. "Naughty" is not a bad word, I could think of many other adjectives that are much more negative.  In fact, some of the songs I included in my "naughty song" list were great personal favorites.  Perhaps you remember not so long ago I raved to the whole group about the lyrical genius on display in "The Musical Box"  As far as I know, I don't have a multiple personality disorder.  So there is no reason why I would be saying the exact opposite thing one month later.

3. If there was a point I was trying to make with my last post, it would be this:  It seems obvious to me that a recurrent theme that the early Genesis tries to explore lyrically is sexual repression/liberation.  The cryptic references/descriptions of tabooed sex acts (a politically correct name for perversions) were used as a passive form of rebellion.  Surely everyone would agree that Peter was the main driving force behind this seemingly peculiar predilection.  If you detected any trace of sarcasm between the lines, it would be because I disagree with people who automatically equate cryptic sexual references with creativity.  The way I see it, Peter delved into this subject much too often, even long after he had left the band.  It seems illogical to me that the same section of fans who criticized Phil for dwelling on the "lost love" theme far too long apparently idolizes Peter for revisiting the "twisted sex" theme over and over.  Why are roundabout references to sex necessarily considered cool, while straightforward lyrics about love are frequently object of derision?

4. I confess, I did try to word the last post in such a way so as to maximally irritate/annoy the Gabriel era fans.  Sometimes when things are too quiet or civilized, I find myself succumbing to a curious perversion to stir it up as much as possible (my friend suggested that I should find a psychoanalyst).  I like heated discussions and emotionally charged debates.

5. Besides, those of us who can't go to Crewe got to have something to talk about.

Btw, I love your writing style.   




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