By now I wouldn't be surprised if most Gabriel fans on Paperlate habitually delete my posts on sight.  All I can say to that is there must be some misunderstanding.  Despite what many of you may believe, I'm no Gabriel-hater.  On the contrary, I swear I highly admire Pete's talent and appreciate his contributions to Genesis.  Moreover, I always look forward to whatever he has to offer as a solo artist, no matter how few and far between :) 

In fact, as soon as I read on the list that WXRT would be playing his new song I thanked God that I lived in Chicago.  Both on the way to and back from work today I kept the car radio on and waited impatiently until finally the DJ announced that he would play "Nocturnals" again.  When the song came on, my first impression was that it was much too short.  I was expecting Pete's vocals to resume after the instrumental segment when the song ended without warning.  I didn't catch all the lyrics but the theme was typically Gabrielesque, i.e., vaguely deep and mysterious.  I actually enjoyed the vocal delivery which sounded gentle and understated.  Likewise I didn't mind the muffling effects on his voice.  The music itself however was slightly underwhelming to be honest.  After I got home I downloaded the tune from Audiogalaxy to hear it again.  The only version available was of poor sound quality, but I listened to it a couple of more times carefully.  However after each listen my conclusion was still the same:  the song is solid but not great, it seems to be lacking something special.  In fact I'm even starting to wonder if Pete is being too conservative with his music.  To my ears "Nocturnals" is not much of a departure stylistically from songs on "Us". Of course I am in no way pretending to be an expert on Pete's solo output so I'd love to be proven wrong if any Gabriel fans are reading this.  It's just that 10 years have passed since "Us" and I thought it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect something more fresh and different. 

That being said, I am aware that a "drastically" different remix of this song will be appearing on "Up" and it is certainly my hope that there will be lots of surprises in store for us on the album.  Above all though, I hope "Up" becomes a big critical and commercial success so that at least one member of the Genesis family will be prominent again in the public eye.  Who knows?  Maybe Pete will sweep the Grammy's next year, or will that be Phil?? :)

Feel free to disagree,


P.S., I hope it is clear that my statement about leaving for Sussudio was meant to be a joke.  I'm not so immature as to seek attention by threatening to leave.  Thanks for all the kind words, though.


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