Twelve Advice for Newbies


Kevin's list of 7 things you can't say on Paperlate is so inspiring, I have decided to go one step further and make my own list of some previously unspoken rules that I feel exist on Paperlate.  Hopefully this will make the lives of list newbies easier.

1. Two things you never question on Paperlate:

- The musical merit of any piece remotely related to Steve.  Because he is the epitome of musical integrity and the only G member who still gives a damn about prog

- PG's productivity.  We are to believe that at any moment he is busy working on a variety of projects including teaching keyboards to chimpanzees, theme park development, official site updates, some multimedia thingy, and Up.

2. Never ask questions in your first post, no one will answer you.  Instead, try to impress people by telling us how many years you have been a Genesis fan (however don't bother if it's under 20 years).

3. Don't lurk - people have short memories.

4. Don't write too long or too often - people get bored easily.

5. Don't show off your musical knowledge, chances are you will be put in your place later by someone else on the list.

6. Don't directly defend PC solo or 80's Genesis, you will be perceived as an airhead.  Always disguise it with humor or sarcasm.

7. You know that everyone disagree with you when the title of the thread you started is changed into something directly opposite to your view, and people carry on happily agreeing with each other and ignoring you in the process.

8. Don't argue with a troll, get burned, then expect Sue Town to bail you out.  She has too much on her hands than to worry about our little group.  However don't diss her on list, as you will be expelled instantly.

9. The rule that we have to discuss G-related subjects is to be interpreted liberally.  If you like you can even make an argument that Guinness is related to Genesis.  Besides, the "Non-G" threads always seem to get more responses on Paperlate.

10. Most crowd-pleasing joke butts:

- Tony's solo sales figures
- Tony's onstage persona
- Mike's singing voice
- Phil's personal life
- Phil's appearance
- DITL and Tarzan
- Release date of "Up"

11. Despite the frequent mention of bootleg dates and sound quality here, don't mistake Paperlate for a bootleg trading list.  Don't kid yourself, whatever you have to offer is no match for the exhaustive collections everyone else already have.  Nothing you have is rare enough.

12. When you make a joke, always put a smiley face at the end or people will take it seriously. 





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