Aftermath of Twelve Advice for Newbies


Rex wrote:

>At first I just deleted it, but #2 & 11 kept bugging me, and things >have been pretty slow around here lately, so I retrieved it from the >trash and spent some time on it...

- Snip -

Nothing beats the thrill of coming home after work at 7:00 am on Saturday morning and discovering that you've been thoroughly flamed on Paperlate, let me tell 'ya. 

Rex, I knew I was in trouble when you referred to me by my full name.  Nevertheless gotta thank you for proving that I can still offend people on this list.  For a while there I thought people were just going to silently disagree with me no matter what I say.  What an honor it is that you cared enough for my opinions that you retrieved it from the trash and posted a response. 

Rex (sorry I like to call people by their first names) I admit that I have always enjoyed your contributions to the list.  You always sounded like a true fan by being so positive and enthusiastic.  More often than not your posts were like a breath of fresh air on Paperlate.  Moreover I always have a soft spot for teachers, as my best friend is studying to become one. 

However I have a feeling that you disagreed with many things I have said but haven't let me know until now.  One time you said you were going to write something to disagree with me but didn't follow through.  So I suspect you were not reacting against my latest post as much as disagreeing with something in my general musical stance (God forbid, you are not a Hogarth fan are you?).  If it was my frequent digs at Peter that ticked you off, rest assured that I am a Gabriel fan all right.  The last album I bought was PG's Passion and I also joined his internet Moon Club (albeit was so far unable to download any of the sample audio clips).  So what more proof do you want?  Of course it is also entirely possible that you dislike my personality which is perfectly legit but not something I can do much about.

You commented on every item in my list except #12, which is precisely the one I feel compelled to expand on.  By now others on the list have pointed out that my list is not to be taken at face value.  For instance, even though I advice the newbies to put a smiley face after every joke, this is not something I routinely practice myself.  I believe that jokes are not funny if they have to be explained.  There is no such thing as a smiley in literature which is actually more fun for the readers.  Good humorists keep the readers on their toes instead of pointing out where all the puns are.  This is not an attempt to pass myself off as being clever, but a general principle I adhere to when I write.  I only put smileys when I judge that there is a significant risk that someone will find my comment offensive/abusive without some kind of cue.





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