A Feast for Senses (G Boots Review)



I have to make it plain in the subject title that this post is about music, because after my last post most of you would probably assume this post is about hot pots again :)  However this is concerning an entirely different type of feast for the senses, the visual and audio type, that is. 

As some of you might know, I mentioned on my personal webpage (btw I do update it believe it or not) that I couldn't trade with anyone as I didn't own any Genesis boots.  Little did I know this was to be immediately perceived as a cry for help and sure enough I began to receive FREE bootleg offers from fellow 'laters shortly after that.  Fast forward to last Thursday, when I opened my mailbox lo and behold I came upon a package from a certain Mr. David L. Smith.  As soon as I opened up the treasure chest I was stunned and overwhelmed by his generosity.  Among loads of other goodies (I'm being deliberately vague at the request of Mr. Smith), I now have "Six of the Best"(2 CDs), Fade 1 (2 CDs), "A Living Story"(1977), 72 Belgium TV VCD, Genesis for Two Grand Pianos, and even a live promo from the Canadian tribute band The Musical Box.  I had to pinch myself a couple of times to make sure this was not just another of my dreams, a dream of mad man moon?nbsp; You see forever caught in desert lands one has to learn to disbelieve the sea :)

Now several days after the initial shock and after submerging myself in a wealth of sights and sounds, I am finally ready to offer some thoughts on these incredible gifts.  I will try to proceed in a semi-logical manner.  First up, let me comment on the video stuff including the crown jewel AKA Belgium TV VCD.  Prior to this I had never been exposed to Gabriel era live footage except for the odd clips in documentaries such as the Songbook.  Let me just say I was amazed by how great the band looked and sounded on Belgium 72.  The picture and sound quality are very good considering the source period, but then I am not that picky on those things in general.  The big surprise for me is Peter Gabriel.  Maybe it is because this is before the "triangle period"(i.e., before he started to sport that godawful hairdo in 73), but he looked positively gorgeous throughout this show, looking innocent, shy and earnest.  His eyes looked very pretty and his body movements were highly graceful during "The Return of the Giant Hogweed"  His delivery was perhaps less dramatic than in later periods but definitely no less effective, and I never particularly cared for that dark/menacing quality anyway.  If anything the absence of eye-catching costumes allowed me to focus more on the musical performance and listen more carefully to the lyrics.  Actually let me take that back, that show did feature some "eye-catching" costumes, albeit not from Peter.  What's up with that tight red top Mike was wearing?  Was he trying to show off his nice feminine figure?  Maybe that was where Peter got the inspiration for the red dress later LOL.  Not to be outdone, Phil the King of Tacky Outfits was wearing a flesh-colored little number which had what looked like a Superman symbol on the chest.  It ranks right up there with the time he wore a white overall without a shirt in another early show, you gotta see it to believe it.  To his credit though, Phil was mesmerizing behind the drums and the interaction between him and Peter during instrumental breaks was priceless.  Also I noticed this serene look on his face which was quite extraordinary for a 21 year old guy (I hope it was not drug-induced).  I think I know why he and Steve sported facial hair at that time, apparently thanks to the beards they were the only two in the band who looked like professional rock musicians.  Peter looked like an art student, Tony a student of classical music, and Mike some hapless guy in college.  A final word on the music, my favorite was the instrumental jam at the end of Twilight Alehouse, probably because I am less familiar with this B-side.  What can I say, I've witnessed the gods.

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