A Feast for Senses (cont.)



OMG, at this rate I will have to write 10 pages before I can finish. I will
try to speed up. Now the audio boots:

A Living Story - the only one from Phil era, featuring "All in a Mouse's Night" and "Eleventh Earl of Mar" among other favorites from the 1977 UK tour. Now I can see why some people were mad at Tony for not releasing these two tracks on Archive II. Phil hit practically every note, effortlessly floating atop a glorious sonic landscape woven by the rest of the band. I'm sure there were other recordings where they sounded just as perfect, so I'm as puzzled as everyone else as to the reasons behind Tony's objection. The sound quality is crystal clear on this boot, in fact at first I had even suspected it was not live before I heard cheers from the

Six of the Best - A few months ago I had downloaded a few tracks from Audiogalaxy (before it died that is) from the Reunion concert and was highly
underwhelmed by Peter's vocals on them. However, I'm glad to report that this boot has largely changed my mind. I don't know if the ecstatic audience participation has rubbed off on me, but as I listen to this recording I began to imagine what it was like to be there in the audience, seeing our musical heroes in an once-in-a-lifetime reunion. If that doesn't get your adrenaline going I don't know what will. I began to appreciate Peter's performance more, sure he was far from note-perfect, and even forgot some words, but that was besides the point. The important thing was that he put a lot of feelings into it and I could hear that and I could tell the audience was trying to help as much as they could. In fact the audience was as much the stars as the band on this one, I especially appreciated the one person who sounded like he might damage his vocal cord from shouting just before the encore. Speaking of the encore, "The Knife" is my personal
favorite on this double CD. Btw, in spite of some initial derision from Tony regarding his drumming skills, Peter did a nice job on TIOA as far as I'm concerned.

Fade 1 - a complete lamb show, again excellent sound quality. The highlight
for me is "The Evil Jam"(at least I presume that's what it was), an extended version of "The Waiting Room" The eerie sounds seem random at first but somehow create its own inner rhythm and gel nicely towards the end. This was Genesis at its raw, creative best. Needless is to say I'd give anything to see a video version of this.

The Musical Box Promo - Four Live tracks from the Canadian G tribute. My
impression is that musically they sounded very faithful to the original album versions of the recordings. The singer however is more hit-and-miss. Specifically, he sounds very similar to Gabriel during songs that require less of a vocal range such as "Firth of Fifth" but less so in songs that demand more aggressiveness and the lower range such as "Musical Box" Moreover, I must echo many previous reviews from across the pond that he doesn't sound at all Gabriel-like during the between-song banters. This is understandable of course as he is French-Canadian after all, for the life of me I wouldn't be able to come up with a British accent let alone sounding like someone else.

Genesis for Two Grand Pianos ?This is a great addition to my musical collection. Among other things it solves the problem of not being able to study while playing Genesis music at the same time as I always tend to focus too much on the lyrics and vocals. Also perfect for bedtime music. Favorite track is "Evidence of Autumn"

As I come to the realization that even I wouldn't have the patience to read something this long, I think I better wrap up by saying another thank you to Mr. Smith. Because of your generosity, I now have even more evidence as well as a better appreciation for the amazing talents of early Genesis. I hope many other Genesis fans can be as lucky as me.




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