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What?  You can't get enough of my rambling!?  Well OK then, your wish is granted.  Below you can find a few questions past visitors to the site have posed to me either publicly or privately, followed by my well-thought-out answers.  Convenient, isn't it?

1. Why did you build this site?  What and whom is it for?

Good question.  I guess the reasons are several fold. 

First let me reiterate what I stated in the self-intro page, the website is for "whoever is interested" in knowing more about me.  In school and at work I feel I am often perceived as a quiet and introverted individual.  While this has some truth to it, i.e., I am not in-your-face all the time or overtly aggressive, I am much more gregarious than people seem to think.  I always welcome friendship as long as it is genuine, indeed I often seek out worthy friends.  So I feel a website that covers many of my interests and opinions wouldn't be a bad way to change people's initial impression of me.  Alternatively, it could also serve as a more comprehensive introduction of myself to potential new friends.

Of course, a lot of this is for my own amusement as well (we watch in reverence, as Narcissus is turned to a flower.  A flower? ).  I actually enjoy reading what I wrote in the past sometimes, because just like old photographs, with the passage of time many pieces of writing would seem fresh again and I might read them in a wholly different perspective.  I figure since I spent the energy and time to put these ideas down I might as well find a place to store them. 

Finally, I always felt I lacked creativity, so this is an exercise in self-improvement as well.  Brain cells tend to atrophy when they are underused, so I try to keep them busy as much as I can.

2. Could you get rid of the annoying MIDIs?  They are terribly distracting, not to mention slow my computer down!

Sorry guys.  It is true that some of the MIDIs I used have relatively large file sizes, which may affect upload speed for modem users.  However keep in mind that my site is often visited by Genesis fans who find these MIDIs to be nice accompaniment while they read the pages.  Moreover, plenty of non-Genesis music is also featured, so don't assume anything.  If a particular piece of music is not to your liking, you are certainly free to click mute.  However, I advise you to give it at least one try first.  You never know, you just may discover your new favorite tune.       

3. I liked some of the MIDIs on your site, could you tell me which songs are used?

The complete listing is as follows:

Home - "Entangled" by Genesis (1976)
Me, Myself and This Site - "Harlequin" by Genesis (1971)
Q and A - "Anyway" by Genesis (1974)
Top 5 Lists - "I Know What I Like" by Genesis (1973)
Screen Idols - "The Godfather" theme
Sports Faves - "Chariots of Fire" theme
Personal Photos - "Horizons" by Genesis (1972)
I Love Lucy - "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" by The Beatles 
Links -  "After the Ordeal" by Genesis (1973)

The Legend of Genesis - "Firth of Fifth" by Genesis (1973)
Genesis Albums - "Firth of Fifth" by Genesis (1973)

Duke - "Guide Vocal" by Genesis (1980)
Classic Lineup - "Afterglow" by Genesis (1976)
Phil Collins - "You Know What I Mean" by Phil Collins (1981)
Tony Banks - "Redwings" by Tony Banks (1987)
Peter Gabriel - "With This Love" by Peter Gabriel (1989)
Mike Rutherford - "The Living Years" by Mike and the Mechanics (1988)
Steve Hackett - "Hands of the Priestess" by Steve Hackett (1975)
Paperlate Chronicles - "Paperlate" by Genesis (1981)

Man on the Corner - "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins (1981)
Who is Phil - "You Oughta Know by Now" by Phil Collins (1996)
Charts and Awards - "Sussudio" by Phil Collins (1985)
Phil Me Up - "Another Day in Paradise" by Phil Collins (1990)
Translations - "I Wish it Would Rain Down" by Phil Collins (1990)
Album Reviews - "Thru These Walls" by Phil Collins (1982)
Wallpapers - "You Can't Harry Love" by Phil Collins (1982)

Heart of a Wanderer - "Who Understands the Heart of a Wanderer" by Dave Wang
Dave Trivia - "A Game, a Dream" by Dave Wang
Dave Quotes - "Annie" by Dave Wang
Lyrics A to Z - "Missing These" by Dave Wang 
Press Corner - "Shifty Lies" by Dave Wang
A Drifter's Tale 1999 - "Coming Home" by Dave Wang
Dave Wang - Haunting Melancholy - "Renew Our Romance in Next Life" by Dave Wang
The More Mature, The More Fragile - "You Really Really Left Me" by Dave Wang
Loneliness is the Ultimate Happiness - "No Regret No Remorse" by Dave Wang
I Don't Understand Your Loneliness - "No Regret No Remorse" by Dave Wang
Album Reviews - "A Charge of Not Being Romantic" by Dave Wang 
Best of the Best - "You Are the Permanent Ache on My Chest" by Dave Wang

Gone with the Wind - "Late Autumn" by Jeffrey Chen
CRJ Profile - "Along and Against Current" by Jeffrey Chen
Media - "The Outside World" by Jeffrey Chen
CRJ Remembrance - "Parting is Also Hard" by Jeffrey Chen
CRJ Lyrics Translation - "Hook of Crescent" by Jeffrey Chen
CRJ Reviews - "Pasture Cattle in the Dusk" by Jeffrey Chen
CRJ Gallery - "Somewhere Faraway" by Jeffrey Chen
CRJ Videos - "Restless Heart" by Jeffrey Chen

Three Kingdoms Home - "Historic Skies" (TV series "Three Kingdoms" theme music #1)
Poetry - "Drums Heard in a Sunset" (Xi Yang Xu Gu)
The Characters - "Streams Running from the Mountain Top" (Gao Shan Liu Shui)
Shu - "Streams Running from the Mountain Top" (Gao Shan Liu Shui)



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