Screen Idols

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Favorite Movies
The Godfather I and II, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, Carlito's Way, Insomnia
Oscar Track Record to Date
Eight nominations, one win for Best Actor in "Scent of a Woman"
Why I Love Him
  • He is the ultimate actor, quite possibly a god. 

  • He has serious stage chops as proven by winning two Tony's in the 70's, one before he made his name in the movies.

  • He is a giant on screen even though he is only 5'6'' in real life.  He sets the screen on fire with his fiery intensity and sizzling passion.

  • He defines the word "manly", while never losing a hint of vulnerability which only adds to his sensuality.




Favorite Movies
Dead Zone, The Deer Hunter, King of New York, Sleepy Hollow
Oscar Track Record to Date
One win for Best Supporting Actor in "The Deer Hunter", one nomination in the same category for "Catch Me if You Can"
Why I Love Him
  • His peculier allure can be best described as "neurotic cool". 

  • He is equally adept at playing heroes and villains. Though Hollywood prefers to put him in horror flicks, his sense of comic timing is unexpectedly sharp.    

  • The mere presence of him in a film tends to elevate it into cult classic status.

  • You know you are a true icon when Oscar-winning Best Actors are caught doing impressions of you.

  • I get hypnotized by his mysterious eyes.  One can probably publish a paper on the complex psychological underpinnings expressed by those eyes.




Favorite Movies
Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, Master and Commander...the far side of the world
Oscar Track Record to Date
Three nominations, one win for Best Actor in "Gladiator"
Why I Love Him
  • One of the most highly-lauded actors of his generation, yet he actually deserves more kudos and awards than what he has already received.

  • His acting range is comparable to only the likes of Robert De Niro, what's more, he is apparently capable of changing body shape and switching accents at will.

  • He accomplished the impossible:  winning an Oscar for a role as a straight-arrow good guy.




Favorite Movies
Gattaca, Enemy at the Gate, Wilde
Oscar Track Record to Date
One nomination for Best Supporting Actor in "The Talented Mr. Ripley", one nomination for Best Actor in "Cold Mountain"
Why I Love Him
  • You can count on one hand the number of young actors today who combines extraordinary good looks with consistently outstanding acting, and Jude is one of them.

  • He makes the Americans admit for the first time that maybe Tom and Brad are not that hot after all.

  • He refuses to play by Hollywood's rules, "box-office poison" or not, he keeps his artistic integrity intact.




Favorite Movies
The Gladiator, The Yards, Quills, The Village, Walk the Line
Oscar Track Record to Date
One nomination for Best Supporting Actor in "The Gladiator", one nomination for Best Actor in "Walk the Line"
Why I Love Him
  • He has a gift in playing dark and tormented characters.  So flawed and yet so human, they often remind us of a hidden part of our own psyche.

  • Despite the long shadows cast by his brother's death, he has firmly established himself as one of the most exciting and promising young stars to watch in the coming decades.

  • My appreciation for his acting grows with each film of his that I watch.  His own personality seems to be bordering on irreverent and eccentric, yet he disappears into film roles with such remarkable zest that I'm astounded by the depth and maturity that apparently lie within.