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Lone Star


According to legend, every star within our eyes' reach

Have gone through hundreds of millions of light years of traveling in the universe

In the still of the night, look up into the vault of heaven

Which corner of the sky does your constellation belong?

After parting ways, look back at this life

Where on earth are your promises of eternity?

Queries and questions like these,

Have come across Dave's mind, and yours as well

In the wind and rain,

Gratitude and resentment come and go

Through the ups and downs,

Many a hero are afraid of growing old and grey

"You said, anything we lose there will be a chance to regain

I only know, the instant I made my vows to life

I have found myself fallen into complete loneliness".

At 27 years of age, Dave has lived longer than anyone else

Don't mind traveling alone

Don't belong to any constellation

Wang Jie

No one is ever there to share his joy

Heartaches also always find him alone

Swore never to settle for dusts on the ground

Chose to stay in the coldest part of night sky

All this effort in order for you to see

All this radience in order to light up the distance

Did you know that a lone star

Also has a solemn pledge to follow

Is it already used to a name called "lonely"?

Is it destined to stay in the coldest part of night sky?


Migratory Bird


There is a type of birds

Fated to make their annual journey according to the change of seasons,

Back and forth, south and north, making home wherever they are

They wander their whole lives, making their flights no matter how far the destination

All in search of a better environment

Everyone call them migratory birds

We prefer the nickname "hope"

There is a type of people

In order to realize their aspirations

Struggle their whole life, never giving up

No matter how many hardships and obstacles lay ahead,

They still strides forward, steadfastly hold on to their lofty dreams

Everyone call them the pioneers

We prefer the name "ideal"

Ever since his debut, he only lives for the music he loves

He only sings for those who love his music

Music is the only way we communicate with him and understand him

Everyone call him superstar

We'd like to call him "legend"


Dave Wang

A hope

An ideal

And a legend



A Game, A Dream

His songs are very well sung, his glance is deep and penetrating

His passion is so rich it can't be diluted, his shadow is lonelier than anyone  

Like many other singers, he has a long past behind him

Although unforgettable, it needn't be mentioned again

Because everything is about to start anew, because he is about to become a superstar 


Born to triumph, born to conquer

Wang Jie, standing at the boundary between the lowly and the elite

Declares to the world and to himself:

"Here I am, therefore nothing will be the same again!" 


Dedicated to a generation 

Whose souls hunger in love

Who abide no inhibition in life

 Who pursue individuality in music   


Just Say You Love Me


Road is begun step by step

Love is earned little by little

Similarly the book of life

Must be experienced page by page with sincerity...


Heart can never catch up with time

Though youthful spirit still boils in your heart

Just take a look back

You will suddenly find yourself tattooed with the marks of time

Rebellion or acceptance, neither seems quite right 


If one day I loudly proclaim to myself:

"You can finally account for your heart"

No matter what price I would have to pay

I would be content and satisfied


The Wind on the road is so cold

There used to be a fire burning beside me, now only ashes remain

Never found a place where I can settle down forever

After so many years, the only thing I learned is to tell myself

I still need to keep on walking this road

Even if there is no firewood or raging flame waiting ahead


If making a true statement will offend some people

If doing a truthful deed will invite some criticism

If being true to oneself will be greeted with peculiar glances

I have no remorse or regret

After all an honest life should be true to itself

Happiness is my own to share

Pain is also my own to endure


To live really requires a bit of courage

When it's time to dream, you've got to have the guts to dream

When it's time to be real, you've got to have the guts to face reality

The hardest part is

How to draw a clear line between dream and reality

Such that sadness or happiness would become totally irrelevant





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