没有人能够告诉我 没有人能够体谅我

那爱情到底是什么 让我一片模糊在心头 在我心头

多少年以后有人说 爱情这东西不会长久

也许它确实很美丽 也许过了今夜不再有

过了今夜我将不再有 也许今生注定不能够有

眼看那爱情如此飘过 只有含泪让它走


只好每天守在风中任那风儿吹 风儿能够让我想起 过去和你的感觉

只好每天守在风中任那风儿吹 风儿能够让我想起 过去和你的感觉

过去和你的感觉 感觉


Her Receding Figure

Lyrics, Music: Dave Wang


No one can tell me

No one can understand me

What on earth is love

My heart is shrouded with confusion

My heart

Many years ago someone said

Love is not a thing that lasts

Maybe it is very beautiful

Maybe won't have it after tonight


After tonight I won't have it again

Maybe I'm destined not to have it in this life

I watch love float away

But I can only hold back the tears and let it go

Her receding figure have already disappeared into the wind

I can only wait in the wind everyday, let the wind blow through me

Because wind will remind me

Past feelings with you

Past feelings with you